Port Macquarie Community Preschool
41 Munster Street
Port Macquarie

(02) 6583 4328

Welcome to Port Macquarie Community Preschool

Explore, share, investigate, grow, predict, laugh, believe, discover, imagine.

  • Explore; The natural environment, land, people, plants and animals.
  • Share; Technology, tools, sounds, creativity and experiences.
  • Investigate; Information, technology, language and knowledge.
  • Grow; Your understanding, awareness, confidence, independence, respect and trust.
  • Laugh; Be happy, play, achieve, enjoy, belong, be and become.
  • Believe; In equality, achievements, your abilities, that you can succeed.
  • Discover; Diversity, culture, heritage, and the identity of being an Australian.
  • Imagine; Create, dance, express ideas, tell stories and experiment.

About Us


We are a not-for- profit community-run preschool catering for children aged from 3 to 5 years old, and have been operating in partnership with parents and the community – since 1973.

Munster St


Our bigger centre is located at 41 Munster Street, Port Macquarie. It is licensed for 60 children each day, with 20 children per classroom.

The Annex


The Annex is located at 3 Bagnoo Place. It has one classroom and is licensed for 25 children per day.

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